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A supplier’s claim is a claim against the Road Accident Fund (RAF) by any person or institution that has provided goods, accommodation, or services in a hospital or nursing home at the special instance and request of an injured person who was harmed by the unlawful and negligent driving of a motor vehicle. This claim is regulated by section 17(5) of the RAF Act.

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Christopher Vetted assists the private medical industry to enhance medical care and treatment to victims injured in motor vehicle accidents (MVA). We aim to provide a funding alternative to medical suppliers & services providers in respect of emergency medical treatment given to these MVA passengers. Medical suppliers & service providers can treat qualifying passengers injured in road accidents with peace of mind, knowing that they will receive payment within a reasonable time frame.


For victims of motor vehicle accidents

Christopher Vetted offers these RAF-registered medical service providers the early discounting of such claims (i.e. purchases the claims), with the claim then being administered and lodged by an experienced claims administrator, who acts as an intermediary.

If you are registered with the RAF as a supplier of services to road accident victims, you may qualify for discounting finance with Christopher Vetted.

Financing your medical services provider practice through Christopher Vetted

By discounting your Medical Services Invoices to the RAF and awaiting and obtaining payment, Christopher Vetted assists the private medical industry in enhancing medical care for Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) victims. We provide a funding alternative for emergency treatment, giving Medical Service Providers peace of mind about receiving payment in a reasonable time frame when treating qualifying injured passengers.

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